Opus 16 for jAlbum

Usage Notes

This is a skin devoted to audio files (MP3), rather than images. As such, it has some requirements that differ from most skins. It will accommodate any folder structure, but below that, only image files are permitted. For each image added to the project, you need to right-click on its thumbnail in the jAlbum Explore view, then choose Audio clip, then Attach file... or Record....

WAV files can be used as audio clips, but because they are lossless, the file sizes tend to be too large for use on a web page. Converting them to MP3 format before using them allows for a substantial reduction of the file size.

In theory, M4A files can be used as audio clips. However, with certain combinations of server settings and browsers, these may refuse to play. It is safest to convert audio files to MP3 format before using them.

Audio files often end up with elaborate file names, with a lot of special characters and punctuation. Depending upon the hosting environment, this can create havoc in the completed album. It is best to rename the files before using them in an album project, giving them simple names. A file with a name like this may cause problems:
01 Prokofiev: Symphony #1 In D, Op. 25, 'Classical' - 1. Allegro.mp3
It should be renamed something like: